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enough said

Core Services

Technology & Multimedia

Software, website and mobile app development | Photography and Videography | Graphics and Animation Design

Innovation & Training

Technology products | Capacity strengthening | Learning curriculum development | HR consultancy

Solutions & Concepts

Film, Advert, TV show conceptualisation


Fostering positive societal change by supporting unity

Our Works

We bring to you a new way of thinking. Our solutions are digitally perceived, intellectually expressed. Our products speak for themselves, i.e., enough said!

About us

We know a thing or two about tech stuff, and we find it a whole lot of fun.

Who We Are

Intellectual Expression is a team of educators and technologists who believe that with the right mix of education, technology and brains, a knowledgeable society can be engendered, for the good of tomorrow. Meet the team here.

What We Do

We use technology to improve the way educational institutes manage their education delivery, their students, and their affairs overall. But we are not limited to helping educational institutes achieve their goals... We just want to use our intellect and the technology available to develop products that help make the world better for all. Check out our portfolio here.

Why Choose Us

You want a flawless information system; We have its blueprint. With our fresh way of thinking, we choose to see possibilities and that is expressed in the products we develop. We bring academic hope to students (and everybody else, at that), helping them see that the possibilities are infinite.

Meet the team

A formidable team of experienced professionals in technology, engineering, education and poetry... Yeah, poetry!

David Zulu, Managing Director

David Zulu

Managing Director

Christian Mwila, Head - Industrial Engineering

Christian Mwila

Head - Industrial Engineering

Alvin Zulu, Head - Concepts Development

Alvin Zulu II

Head - Concepts Development

Audrey Hamayanda Zulu, Head - Advocacy, Branding and Communications

Audrey Hamayanda Zulu

Head - Advocacy, Branding and Communications

Wongani Zulu, Head - IT Services

Wongani Zulu

ICT Consultant

Emmanuel Kalenge, Technology Consultant

Emmanuel Kalenge

Senior Technology Consultant

Paul Sinyinda, Graphics Designer

Paul Sinyinda

Graphics Designer

Mathews Monde, Senior Data Analyst

Mathews Monde

Senior Data Analyst

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