Curriculum Vitae

Your curriculum vitae is your number one professional marketing tool as an individual.

Intellectual Expression uses unique techniques to train clients how to market themselves effectively in whatever profession they are.

Beyond giving you templates to work with, we train our clients how to string words together to bring out rich content in their CVs, making them noticeable when they apply for jobs.

When you sign up for Write It Right, you also get a free assessment of your CV and long-term support in adapting it for various job descriptions.

Cover Letter

Most job applications and expressions of interest need to be accompanied by a cover letter which introduces you or your enterprise.

Intellectual Expression helps you frame your cover letters in ways that best communicate why you should be selected for whatever you are applying for.

Because we partner with you in creating your other documents, we make it a point to fully understand your professional journey, making it easy to guide you as you write your cover letter.

When you learn how to do your CV with us, you automatically qualify for us to help you do your job application letters.


Interviews (whether oral or practical) are usually your final opportunity to explain why you should be awarded the contract you applied for.

In the Write It Right, your journey with Intellectual Expression goes beyond teaching you how to write your documents. We do you one better by teaching you how to align your interview responses with whatever you wrote in your application.

As most interviews now include technical questions, we do you one better by running you through the types of technical questions you are likely to face in your field.


As part of the Write It Right programme, Intellectual Expression provides training in work-readiness, which includes job-readiness (for employees) and business-readiness (for entrepreneurs).

This aspect of our coaching services equips with the mindset for a great work ethic so that you stand out in your role, regardless of where you are working. Standing out opens up other opportunities, including promotion and referrals for bigger projects.

Through our network of professionals, we expose you to different work cultures so that you know what would be expected of you as you work in cross-cultural environments and with teams of divers skills.

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