The 73=1 Standard

The 73=1 Standard is that each Zambian belongs to one of the 73 tribes, and each of the 73 tribes has equal right to all the natural resources that Zambia has to offer. It also states that all the 73 tribes are EQUAL because they all shed RED blood in the fight for independence, that resulted in them becoming ONE UNITED BLACK PEOPLE.

The 73=1 Standard literally embodies the statement "One Zambia, One Nation!"

The Seal

The 73=1 Seal states that you are certifiably Zambian because you know your rights in this nation, and your responsibilities to it. You therefore uphold the tenets of peace and unity that represent the very essence of what it means to be Zambian.

The Matrix

When you wear the 73=1 2D matrix on your T-shirt or hoodie, you're telling the world that you are Zambian and you carry that identity wherever you go because you know you hail from a great nation!

Zed Camo

Donning the Zed Camouflage design is your way of telling the world that you understand what freedom fighters went through for Zambia to enjoy the freedom and peace it enjoys today. So you will do whatever it takes to help keep Zambia's peace for today and generations to come.

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