LLIN Mass Distribution Campaign
2020 Activity Plan

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About the Activity Plan

What's the Plan?

The 2020 LLIN Mass Distribution Campaign Activity Plan and Scorecard is an online application built to help the NMEP Vector Control Unit and monitor progress in implementation of activities leading up to the campaign.

The Vector Control Unit has a committee, split into 4 subcommittees, preparing for the campaign. Each member of each committee has a user account in the activity plan.

Logging In

As a user of the activity plan, you will need to log in with your email address and password. At the time of creation, your account has a default password automatically generated for it. The first time you log in, you will be redirected to change your password.

If you do not have an account in the activity plan, you can log in as Guest. If you log in as Guest, you will be automatically redirected to the Help and User Guide page.

When you log in, your name will appear near the top right corner of each page of the activity plan. That will allow you to update your profile and password. More on that under User Accounts.


Viewing Activities

By default, when you log into the activity plan, you will see a table listing the first 40 activities, sorted in alphabetical order by subcommittee. Only activities which have not been suspended will be listed. The list will contain following fields:

  • Subcommittee: The subcommittee of the 2020 LLIN Mass Campaign Committee to which the activity has been assigned, as per the terms of reference.

  • Activity: A description of the activity.

  • Person Responsible: The person responsible for spearheading the activity or the focal point person in the implementation of the activity. This will typically be a lead person in the subcommittee responsible for the activity.

  • Start Date: The date implementation of the activity is scheduled to start. This date can be before the current date.

  • Deadline: The expected completion date of the activity.

  • Status: The current implementation status of the activity, in percentage. The percentage is colour-coded red-yellow-green.

  • Status Explanation: Details of the implementation status of the activity.

  • Actions: The activity plan allows you to edit and suspend activities in the Actions column. Unless you are a Mass Campaign Administrator or a System Administrator, you will only be able to edit and/or suspend activities assigned to you. Administrators are able to edit and suspend all activities in the plan. If an activity is not assigned to you, the Actions icons will appear grayed out.

Filtering Activities

You can view activities specific to a person or a subcommittee.

To view activities assigned to a person, click his or her name in the table.

To view activities assigned to a subcommittee, you can either

  1. click the name of the subcommittee in the table, or
  2. type the name of the subcommittee in the "Filter subcommittee" search box above the controls. This filters by subcommittee on-the-fly, so you do not always need to type in the entire name of the subcommittee.

    Typing the name of a subcommittee filters based on the best match as the system detects existing characters in the names of the subcommittees.

By default, the activity plan displays 40 activities per page. If there are more than 40 activities in the plan, you can navigate between pages to view the activities by clicking the navigation controls just above the table.

If a control is maroon, it means it is clickable, while if it is grey, it cannot be clicked, i.e. there are no activities on the page you are trying to navigate to.

Viewing Activity Details

To view the details of an activity, click the avtivity in the table. This opens the activity's details, with a graphic of the percentage progress of its implementation.

The Activity Details view allows you to view activities by subcommittee and by person, and also to browse back and forth between activities.

Adding An Activity

The Activities page and the Activity Details page both have Navigation and Add Activity controls. The blue plus sign is the Add Activity button.

The Add Activity control is clickable on any activity page.

Clicking the Add Activity control opens a form allowing you to specify the details of the activity you want to add.

The Add Activity control is clickable on any activity page.

When you add a new activity, its implementation status will be 0% and its status explanation will be "Just added". The activity plan also fires up an email notification to the person responsible for the new activity. You can edit the activity to update its status and status explanation.

Editing An Activity

To edit activity details, click the blue "pen-and-notepad" control in the Actions column of the activity list or on the Activity Details page.

You can edit an activity on the Activities list page.

You can also edit an activity while viewing its details.

Clicking the Edit Activity control opens the activity in an editable form, allowing you to modify the details of the activity.

The Edit Activity form is similar to the Add Activity form, except that it includes a spinner control for modifying the status percentage. The spinner increments and decrements in 5's. Editing an activity also sends an email to the person responsible.

Suspending An Activity

To suspend an activity, click the icon in the activity list Action column or in the particular activity's detail page.

You can suspend an activity on the Activities list page.

You can also suspend an activity while viewing its details.

Viewing the Gantt Chart

To view when activities should be implemented in relation to the mass campaign date, click the Gantt Chart icon in the main menu of any page.

The Gantt chart runs from 63 weeks before the campaign (1st April 2019) to 8 weeks after the campaign (31st August 2020). Only weeks 63 to 20 before the campaign show on the first page, while the remaining weeks are displayed on the next page of chart.

You can also suspend an activity while viewing its details.


Viewing Performance

The Performance Overview page shows progress in implementation of activities towards the 2020 LLIN Mass Distribution Campaign.

This page gives the average progress made by each subcommittee and by the committee as a whole.

Nothing can be edited on this page as it only gives summaries. As soon as an activity status is updated, the average progress by subcommittee and by the committee as a whole refreshes automatically.

Performance Overview gives a graphical representation of the progress.

User Accounts

Viewing Your Profile

Your name appears in the top right corner of each page.

To view your profile, click on your name near the top right corner of any page in the activity plan. This will display to you a summary of your details, as per how you entered them during your subcommittee's first meeting.

Editing Your Profile

To update your profile, click Edit Profile. This opens your details in an editable form, allowing you to update your information, much like you get when editing an activity.

When you are done entering your new details, click Update.

Resetting Your Password

To reset password, click Change Password on your profile page. This opens an editable form, allowing you to enter your current password and a new password. You will need to enter your new password twice. If the new password entries do not match, the system will display a warning informing you thusly, and will disable the Update button.

When you are done entering your current and new password, click Update.

After you click Update, you will get a confirmation of your password reset. You will then need to log out and then log in again for your new password to take effect.

Also note that your password must have at least
  • 8 characters
  • 1 uppercase letter (A - Z)
  • 1 lowercase letter (a - z)
  • 1 numeric character (0 - 9)
  • 1 special character (e.g. $, @, $, !, %, *, #, ?, &)